Unique space to fully savor art and its culture through the works of the artists

It is always full of sights and various stories in a trendy boulevard in Gangnam district, Garosu-gil. It would feel rather surreal if the street isn't crowded with people. Many galleries are taking places in every alley, like oxygen that exists between the large and small buildings of numerous flagship stores, restaurants, and fashion boutiques as if they're in a competition. <2GIL29 GALLERY> is located in the middle of the complex which is on the boundary of the main boulevard, Garosu-gil.

2GIL29 GALLERY is playing an important role as a window for the artists. The gallery is in the heart of the commercial culture in an area with a crowded locality to present new, revolutionary exhibitions which the public cannot have an easy access to in the commercial art galleries. The non-mainstream artworks have always been the main center of contemporary art in the art history, which have been the social issue due to a constant debate regarding a question of whether it is art or it is not. Mainstreaming of the non-mainstream artworks is the prior direction of exhibitions the gallery is seeking. The gallery will be showing not just the paintings but as well as design, architecture, photography, installations, crafts, ceramics, animation, fashion, music, theater and more. There will be a plenty of innovative and experimental cultural contents that have no restrictions in the visual arts. The new visual arts comprising diverse cultural experiences will evolve out of 'focused on works' exhibitions into a breathing venue for communicating with the public. Furthermore, it will remain as the medium of positive controversy that produces a variety of discussions on contemporary art.

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