Since its opening on Garosu-gil(Gangnam Seoul) in 2015, 2GIL29GALLERY has faithfully dedicated to its role as a platform of cultural communication in Korean art market by introducing Korean/overseas contemporary arts and showcasing various kinds of visual arts.


In 2020, 2GIL29GALLERY moved and expanded to a new space and we are to promote it as the venue for artistic communications. We expect this solid exhibition environment will awake artists’ creativity in diverse areas and the public’s potential for aesthetical curiosity so that it can act as mediator to stimulate the art market.


Larger space will open up many possibilities for exhibition curation which will embody gallery’s distinctive characteristic. And from the wide range of artwork creations including painting, sculpture, design, photograph, illustration, video, print, installation, media art, etc., positive and constructive sources for artistic discourses will be derived.


More interactive communication and deeper emotional connection of viewers with arts will enhance the value of artists’ creating processes because it is not just about audiovisual access to artworks, but more about meaningful aesthetical and spiritual appreciations.


2GIL29GALLERY, as one of the arts infrastructures of all time, will always guide you to a new paradigm and fresh vision to satisfy your expectations.

 2GIL29 GALLERY 이길이구 갤러리

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Address: 2GIL29 Bldg. 35, Gangnam-daero 158-gil, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 06028 Korea