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Be Basic






2GIL29 Gallery presents “Be Basic” from 8th, December to 18th, January, 2017. In the lead of art market do capitalists of wealth who are collecting artworks exist, and they exert enormous influence on the price of works which merely depends on its story with dominating the global art market. It is called the last hobby of the rich, and also called the last chance for them to collect by money. As they take it for granted that the level of their collection is always connecting to the world wide network no matter where they go, they are full of confidence as a highly differentiated person from the privileged class of all privilege. There’s something doubtful about if they have great interest and attention on each and every meaning of artworks. Authentic three collectors’ art pieces are shown within a single space. They are not artists, but ordinary collectors who have different jobs, respectively; a doctor, a finance specialist and a legal profession indicate meaning in each piece of work. Every meaning and arrange of memory will fill us with feeling of impression. In a disconsolate reality where the picture is lightly regarded as money, their definite conviction and affection for the art culture is contained through various genres of artists’ works, including a sculpture, picture of crafts a well as painting pieces of Kangso Lee, with showing collector’s stories. A progress of revealing their sensibility and exceeding tenderness towards all works and pure heart like a flower redounds to a lot of such exhibition works. All these feelings can be experienced at 2GIL29 Gallery.

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