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June 8 - 22, 2017

2GIL29 is pleased to hold an exhibition “CRAFT MARKET” from 8 to 22 June, 2017. With many designs editing and convergence rising in popularity in Korea, we can feel public affection for craft. This exhibition presents pieces by two of crafts artists most-loved in Korea now, which shows crafts meet with wooden materials. We can appreciate the high standard of craftsmanship from Mookyu Lee and Sukjin Sung. Sung pursues a range of celadon works on his emotional expression and aesthetic season beyond the beauty of form. He proudly shows his main work: “The dinners set of celadon and pottery”. The other famous artist, Mukyu Lee, expresses a tree itself and recreates moderate sense of Korean traditional furniture reflecting nature. He has been received praise from graceful and natural line of wooden works. The outstanding design of sensible tale, spoons and chopsticks and cups and saucers will be also displayed. Their works are designed for practical use in daily life and shows art meets with crafts. CRAFT MARKET will bring us powerful feelings of composure and fluidity with artworks in our daily lives.

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