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CURATOR’S VIEW: 2GIL29 Gallery hold an exhibition from 14th to 21st, September, 2016, suggesting the best way to enjoy the work of art.
After choosing a piece of work among the curator’s work selections, you can receive help from them in order to enjoy artworks without difficulty. Steadily becoming more developed, this exhibition will be expected to introduce not only inside and outside of artists, but also a few foreign artists unfamiliar to us three or four times a year as years go by. Through collaboration with professional artists, this exhibition aims to provide variation in your daily routine above mere introduction of works. 2GILI29 Gallery’s specialist curators has taken charge of choosing an artist and art piece, a young sculptor, Soyoung Jeon is the artist of this exhibition. The viewers will be provided with magazines and video clips with covering artist’s daily life. Also, there is an opportunity to hear story, which viewers are curious about, in a progress of continuously introducing most active artists all around the world. This great exhibition will be provided only at 2GIL29 Gallery.

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