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2GIL29 Collections

2GIL29 GALLERY, a typical, artistic, cultural facility in Garosugil, a tree-lined district of Gangnam-gu, Seoul, has been a mainstay of art and culture with diverse exhibitions and international exchange animating the art market. Its exhibitions, featuring a wide range of artworks from modern to contemporary, have won great response. 
For 2017, the gallery presnets The Collection exhibition bringing together works known and loved by collectors, demonstrating the current situation and horizon of contemporary art. Participating artists are  Koo Sung-yeon, Kim Woong, Choi Sun-ho, Choi In-sun, Nicholas Bodde and Deawon Lee. 
These works provide an overview of contemporary art, its tendencies and streams, encompassing a wide variety of works not to be defined by any specific mode, style, material, and idiom. These are all works that can be summarized and defined in the huge frame of contemporary art, making The Collection by 2GIL29 GALLERY a forum for lively contemporary art and criticism.

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