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2GIL29 GALLERY is located in Garosugil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam, the heart of Seoul’s cultural dynamic issues. Ever since the opening of the gallery in 2015, 2Gil29 GALLERY have been lively introducing contemporary Art to the public. 2GIL29 GALLERY was able to expand under a good amount of attention and interest in the Korean Art scene by curating successful exhibitions involving painting, sculpture, design, photography, illustration, video art, prints, craft, installation art, media art, and antique art. 2GIL29 GALLERY was able to suggest the Art scene that every part of our daily life could also be Art by absorbing diverse cultures in between generations and cultural contents.


2GIL29 GALLERY presents core artists of the industry such as Junghee Hong, mother figure of the Korean Art scene, Sunho Choi, who makes paintings of Eastern aesthetics through western language of Art, photographer Youngkyun Lim an artistic peer of the global franchise video artist Nam June Paik, and first-generation ceramist Sukyoung Kang. Not only interacting with influential Artists in the Korean Art scene, 2GIL29 GALLERY also introduces active artists in the commercial and fashion business such as photographer Youngho Kwon, media artist Charlie Han, NANAN, Qwaya in order to achieve diversification of the Korean Art scene. The wide ranged curation of 2GIL29 GALLERY aims to generate artistic discourse in a positive and progressive way through deeper interaction with the public. 2GIL29 GALLERY does not only view artworks under visual and auditory approaches but also through meaningful interactions with the artists, 2GIL29 GALLERY increases the value of the works. Moreover, 2GIL29 GALLERY is discovering and supporting rising artists such as Jeehui Hong the upcycling artist,  Michael HS. Yoo a former singer who is now an artist, and London based artist JAE Kweon who is a UAL graduate.


In the global city Seoul as a cultural vanguardist, 2GIL29 GALLERY aims to satisfy the ‘diversitized’ public’s artistic curiosity and discover the expanded universe of the Art world. Moreover, 2GIL29 GALLERY will act a cultural pioneer suggesting directions for the contemporary Art scene, following Art historical paths and presenting progressive artworks and exhibitions which produces contemporary discourse. 

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