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Art in Professional Spaces

We find the perfect artwork to enhance your professional space.  Whether it's a signature piece for your lobby or hundreds of pieces for a multi-story building, we bring the art world to you, and take care of every detail from concept to the artwork installation. Our commitment is to ensure that your artwork perfectly fulfills your vision for the space, is installed on time and your budget, and is distinctive from other art business.


Home Décor with ART


Home decoration with art is incredibly important. It makes the space more personalized and ties the colors and warmth of a room together. We have all the unique artworks and decorative items to create your desired space and ambiance. Show your property to the visitors at its best condition with delicate touches to bring their imagination.


Curatorial Services

We offer special curatorial services from standalone exhibition curation, innovative public art projects and touring shows, to exhibition design, corporate commissions and private collection display. With a strong interest in fostering wider engagement with the visual arts, we offer customized curatorial service for targeting the number of audiences you would like to reach, bespoke art tours and public programs including an opening reception, guest lectures and curatorial workshops.

Fine  Art  Appraisal  Service


Art appraisal is an intrinsic aspect of owning art and protecting your investment. We provide art appraisal services to both corporate and individual clients. A fine art appraisal is a comprehensive report that documents your work of art and determines the value at a given point in time based on the previous studies report. Our gallery’s art appraisers follow professional standards designed to provide an accurate and objective opinion of value by way of thorough research of an artist’s market. All appraisals are confidential and the information is kept safe and secure.

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