Art  Business Consulting

At Art Consulting Services, we find the perfect artwork to enhance your professional space.  Whether it's the signature piece for your lobby or hundreds of pieces for a multi-story building, we bring the art world to you, and take care of every detail from concept to the artwork installation.  Our commitment is to ensure that your artwork perfectly fulfills your vision for the space, is installed on time and on budget, and is distinctive from other art that is being offered in the area.


Home staging with ART

Home staging with art is incredibly important.  It makes the space more personalized and ties the colors and warmth of the room together.
We have art and decorative items to create a desirable ambiance. Show your property at its best with light touches here and there to entire the imagination. 


Curatorial Services

Curatorial Services We offer specialist curatorial services from standalone exhibition curation, innovative public art projects and touring shows, to exhibition design, corporate commissions and private collection display.With a strong interest in fostering wider engagement with the visual arts, we offer customised audience development strategies, bespoke art tours and public programs including guest lectures, and curatorial workshops.

 Fine  Art  Appraisal  Service


Art appraisals are an intrinsic aspect of owning art and protecting your investment. A fine art appraisal is a comprehensive report that extensively documents your work of art and provides an opinion of value at a given point in time based upon the intended use of the report. Our gallery’s art appraisers follow professional standards designed to promote an accurate, objective opinion of value by way of thorough research of an artist’s market. All appraisals are confidential and information is kept safe and secure.

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