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April 13 -  May 25, 2017

2GIL29 Gallery proudly presents, Colorful Stories, from April 13th to May 25. A variety of colors decorate all gorgeous objects which raises degree of completion. While we can’t catch the each meaning of image, the power of color is in richness of color and spontaneous expression of paint itself. The vital component of art pieces which create wider and deeper abstraction is absolutely the color, that is to say the exhibition of color.  Reflected in several aspects of human, culture, nature, fashion, technology, and music, the color is vital to our life. This exhibition is to show a large group of artists who cover the extensive range of color; Damien Hirst of 'yBa'(young British artist) which is contemporary British artists group, Julian Opie, Sarah Lucas, Gary Hume, Tracey Emin, the great master of conceptual art Michael Craig-Martin, who nurtures yBa which leads the trend of contemporary art, and another three Korean artists along with Insun Choi. 

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