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Lim Young Kyun (B.1955)

임영균 오스트리아 멜크 수도원 도서관
(The Library of Melk Abbey, Austria) Digital-Pigment Canvas 2018


B.1955         Dae Gu, Korea



1985.9-1987.8         M.A, Dept. of Art & Art Professions, New York University, New York

1982.9-1984.9         International Center of Photography (I.C.P), New York

1974.3-1978.3         B.F.A, Dept. of Photography, Chung-Ang University, Seoul. Korea




2020              Library in the Library, Organized by 2GIL29 GALLERY , Yangjae Library, Seoul, Korea

2019              Libraries Around the World, Organized by 2GIL29 GALLERY, Yangjae Library, Seoul, Korea

-                      Nam Jun Paik, Now Here, 2GIL29 GALLERY, Seoul. Korea *

2018              Nam Jun Paik's Light 2018 Winter Olympic Pyoungchang Korea. Olympic Hall. Korea

2017              Environment Photo’s Oil campany, Seoul, Korea

2016              Unjusa, Book publishing with exhibition, Solmondo, Paris

2015              Nam June Pack SHOW, DDP Plaza. Seoul. Korea.

2014              A day with Nam June Paik, Gyoungido Museum of Art. Korea.

2010              In memory of Nam June Pack, Korea Culture Center. Paris.

2009              Last paradise, Photography gallery. Tokyo.

-                      Destiny, Space DA 798. Beijing.

2007              Portraits of Artists_Photo Mural, Korea Cultural Center (Beijing, China) for Beijing Olympic 2008.

-                      Portrait of Nam June Paik, The British Museum, London, UK*

-                      Portraits of Our Times, Space 798. Beijing

2006              Portraits of Artists, Seoul Art Center

-                      In Memory of Nam June Paik, 1982-2000, 2x13 Gallery New York.

-                      In Memory of Nam June Paik, 1982-2000, AndrewShire Gallery. LA

2005              Portrait of Nam June Paik, 1982-2000, Seoul Museum of Art. Korea.

-                      Destiny, vhs photography, Stuttgart, Germany*

2004              Portrait of artist, Sun gallery Seoul.

-                       Daily life landscapes, Andrewshire gallery. L.A.

2002               Destiny, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography. Greece.

-                       Destiny, Landesmuseum ,Oldenburg, Germany *

-                       Destiny, StadtMuseum, Munster, Germany

-                       Face of Our Time, Gallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea

2001               Face of Our Time, Rosenberger Gallery, New York, US

2000               Seoul Odyssey, Gallery Lux, Seoul, Korea

1998               Portrait of Artists, Cultural center of Korea, Paris, France

-                       Portrait of Artists, RMIT gallery 9, Melbourne, Australia

1997               Face of our time, Gallery Duck Won, Seoul, Korea

-                       Photographic Diary, Gallery Nine, Seoul, Korea

1993               Portraits of Artists, Toe Art Space, Seoul, Korea

1991                Miruk, Toe Art Space, Seoul, Korea

1989                Korean Artist in New York, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

1988                Landscape, Gallery Inn-Gong, Daegu, Korea

1987                Korean Artist in New York, Soho photo Gallery, New York, US

1986                Landscape, 80 Washington Square East Galleries, New York, US

1979                Photographic Diary, Gallery Duksu, Seoul, Korea



2022                    Galleries Art Fair, Seoul, Korea

2020                    A Completely Artistic Art Museum, Nam-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2019                    Art Busan 2019, Busan

2018-2019         Invitational Exhibition; History of Photography, Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY, US *

2017                    Seoul-New York Photo festival. Seoul New York. Dumbo Art Center

2015                    Prism, New media Art, Kyoungnam Museum of Art. Korea

2013                    Camera Work, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

2012                    Global Visionary, Nam June Paid, Smithsonian National Museum, Washington DC, US *

2010                    Strange Room, Seoul Museum of Art. Korea

2010                    New York Photo festival, Dumbo art Center. NY

2010                    Celebrating of 60th years of Diplomatic between Korea and Spain, Seoul Gallery

2008                    Opening Exhibition of Korea Culture, Center in London, UK*

2007                    ICP, 20th Anniversary of opening School, NY

2006                    CAU/CUN Exhibitions, Central University of Nationality, Beijing,China

-                            NYU/ICP 20 Years In, International Center of Photography, New York, US *

-                      Camera Work, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

-                            Contemporary Photography, GwangJu Art Museum, GwangJu, Korea

2006                    Korea International Art Fair, Coex Mall, Seoul, Korea

-                            The Room of Memory, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

-                            Seoul remains; Gerald Pryor & his former artists, Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

-                            Nam June Paik +30 International Video Artists, Gallery Korea, New York, US

2005                    Art Cologne. Paik and Beyond, Media Art from Korea, Korea

-                            Unplugged Theater, Gallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea

2004                    Family, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea *

-                            Chicago Art Fair, Gallery Bhak, Chicago,US

-                            San Francisco Art Fair, Gallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea

2002                    East of Yellow Sea, 2nd Shanghai Biennale. DDM Ware house, China

-                            Translate Acts, Instituto Naclonal de Bellans Arts, Mexico

-                            Esplanade theatres on the bay Visual Art Opening Festival, Singapore 

-                            Media City in Seoul, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul, Korea

-                            Perspective of Korean Contemporary Photography, Dong-Gang Photography Exhibition, KangWon, Korea

-                            Digital Art Network, Sang am-dong World Cup Stadium station, Seoul, Korea

-                            Asia Photography Biennale, Gallery La Mar, Seoul, Korea

-                             Joint Exhibition With Daido Moriyama, Chun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

-                              Face of Our Time, Pruss & Ochs Gallery, Berlin, Germany

-                             Traveling Exhibition, sponsor by National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

-                              Nam June Paik and Media, Media-Art-Culture, Seoul, Korea

-                              In & Out, Gallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea

-                              Translate Acts, Queens Museum of Art, New York, US

2001                      Translate Acts, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, Germany

2000                      Alienation and Assimilation, Contemporary Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, US

1999                      Visual Extension of photography, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

1998                      Korea and Koreans, Press Center, Seoul, Korea

-                              Seoul Photo Fair ‘98, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

-                              Chicago Art Fair, Chicago, US

-                              Alienation and Assimilation, The Museum of Contemporary photograph, Chicago, US

1997                      Seoul Photo Fair ‘97, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

 -                             Importance of Living, Seo Nam Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

1996                      Seoul Photo Fair ‘96, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

1995                      D.M.Z, Gallery Mooksi, Seoul, Korea

1994                       rend in Contemporary Photography, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul. Korea

1992                      Touring Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan, Sunjae Museum of Art, Kyongju. Korea

1991                      Beautiful Seoul, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

1988                      New Wave photography, Walker Hill Art Center, Seoul, Korea       

1986                      Old and New photography, Stike Stoke Gallery, New York, US

1985                       Korean Artist of American - Paik Nam Jun etc. 14, Selected Works of Perkins Arts Center Award,

                                Perkins Arts Center, New York, US

-                               Lighting and Vision, Gallery Korea, New York, US

-                               Self portrait, Gallery Minor, New York, US

1981                       Urbanscape, New City Theatre, New York, US

수정본 1. 독일 바이마르 안나 아말ᄅ

Lim Young Kyun (B.1955) 임영균

독일 바이마르 안나 아말리아 대공비 도서관(The Duchess Anna Amalia Library, German) Digital-Pigment Canvas 2018


2012-2013           Seoul Consultant, Seoul, Korea

2012-2013           Kodak Photogrphy Musem, New York, US

2012                      International Center of Photography IFINITE Photography Judge, New York, US

1999-2012           Professor at Dept of Photography, Chung Ang University, Korea

2007                      Advisor Council of North & South Korea collection, Chosun Museum, Korea

2007-2008           Advisor Council of Founding Museum, Daegu Museum of Art, Korea

2006                      Advisor Council of Collection of the Museum, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

1999                     Official Photographer for the Queen Elizabeth, H.M. Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Public Information, the Republic of Korea

1998                     Visiting Professor, RMIT University, Australia

1997                     Official Photographer , The President of the Republic of Korea

1995-2000          A Chairman, The society of Korean Documentary Photography

1993-2000          Visiting Professor, Dept. of photography, New York Univ, New York, US

1988-1990          Curator of Space Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1983-1988          Reporter of Chung-Ang Daily Newspaper, New York, US


AWARD/Fellowship for Artistic Development 

2017                     Oversea Exhibition fund, Korea Foundation, Korea

2016                     Grant, Art and Culture Foundation, Korea

2012                     Outstanding Researching/Teaching Award of the Year, Chung-Ang University, Korea

2006                     Grant of Publishing, Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Korea

2005                     Outstanding Researching/Teaching Award of the Year, Chung-Ang University, Korea

 -                            Oversea Exhibition Grant , Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture

2004                     Outstanding Researching/Teaching Award of the Year, Chung-Ang University, Korea

 -                            Grant of Publishing ,Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Korea

2003                     Exhibition Grant, The Arts Council Korea, Korea

2002                     Oversea Exhibition Grant, Korea Foundation , Korea

2000                     Fulbright Award, USA

1998                     The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Fellowship for Artists exhibition, Korea

 -                             Chung-Ang University Academic, Grant, Korea

1996                      Chung-Ang University Academic, Grant, Korea

1987                     Artist Space Grant, New York State. Art Council, NY, US

1986                     Top 10 photographers Award, 'Perkins Art Center, nominated by curator Mary Forest, Smisonian Institute Washington D. C, US

1973                      Grand Priz, Photo Contest for High School Students, Korea photography Association, Korea





2020                  Seowon of Gyeongbuk, Gyeongbuk Arts & Culture Foundation

2019                  Nam Jun Paik, Now Here, 2GIL29 GALLERY, Seoul. Korea

2016                  Unjust with a Nobel prize Jean-marie Gustave Le Clezio, Paris, France

2010                  Photography Class, Brize. Seoul, Korea

2005                  New York Story by Lim, Young Kyun, Erum Books, Seoul, Korea

2003                  Daily Life Landscapes, Youlhwadang, Seoul, Korea

1999                  DOCU, Society of Korean Documentary Photography, Seoul, Korea

1998                  Conversation with photographer, Publication, 'Nunbit Press' Seoul, Korea

1997                  Making good photography, Publication. 'Mijinsa' Seoul, Korea

1996                  DOCU, Society of Korean Documentary Photography, Seoul, Korea

1994                  Young Kyun Lim, Art Vivant, Sikongsa Publishing Co., Seoul, Korea

-                          In our own Image, Publication 'Time Space', Seoul. Korea

1993                  Portrait of Artist, Ahn Graphics Publishing Co., Seoul, Korea

-                          Documentary photography Publication, 'Nunbit Press', Seoul, Korea



Article & Review

2018. 11.24          “From Nam June paik to Medition” Joong Ang Daily Seoul

2016. 12.21          “Unjusa” , Le Figaro,paris. France

2007.5                    "Portrait of Nam June Paik" The British Museum Yonhapnews,(2007.5.20)

2010.10                  “Amazon to Antarctica” Joong Ang daily. New York, SeoulKorea

2007.4                    "Korean Artists in a Mural Phtogroaphy" Segye Newspaper, (2007.4.30) Korea

2007.3                    "Korean Artists" Beijing Korea Cultural Center, Yonhapnews,(2007.3.24) Korea

2005. 6                    Stuttgart Zaitung, june 10th

2004.5                     LA Times, Leah Allman,Around gallery

2002.10                  "Art in Cultuer" Magazine (cover & 96~103 page) Korea

2002.9                    "Munster Feuilleton" , Germany

2002.7                    "Art in Cultuer" Magazine (44 page) Korea

2002.5                    "NY ARTS" Magazine (73 page) U.S.A

2002.5                    "DIE WELT" Berliner Kunstmarkt, Seite 34 (2002.5.24) Germany

2002.4                    "Art in America" Magazine (45 page)

2002.4                     "Joint Exhibition With Daido Moriyama",Hankyoreh Daily Newspaper, Korea

2002.3                     "Nam June Paik and Media (Media-Art-Culture)2002",Chosun Daily Newspaper, Korea

2002.9                     "Destiny" StardtMuseum, Munster. Germany.

2001.12                  "NY ARTS" Magazine (6~7 page) U.S.A

2001.4                     "Photo Net" Magazine (30~39 page) Korea

1998.3                     "Discourse on Modern Photographer", Sookmyung Times, Seoul. Korea

1998.2                     "Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago" Newspaper of Photography, Seoul. Korea

1998.1                     "Birth of Photographic Medium", POSCO Newspaper, Seoul. Korea 

1997.5                     "Importance of living" Seo Nam Art Museum, Seoul. Korea

1993.12                  "Photojournalism" 'The Society of Korea Journal', Seoul. Korea

1999.2                     "Digital and Analog Photographer", Chosun Daily News, Seoul. Korea

1991.1-12               "Portraits of Artist" Monthly 'Gek suk' Picture and Text 

1990.1-6                   Cover picture 'Chul phan Journal', S. Korea

1989.1-12               "Portraits of Artist" Monthly 'Gek Suk' Picture and Text 

1989.3                     "Korean Artist in new York" Ashahi Graph, Japan

1989.7                     "Art and photography" Monthly 'Gek Suk' Picture and Text

1986.12                  "Landscape and Article" Art News(Monthly Magazines), New York

1985-1986             "Korean Artist in New York" Chung-Ang Daily News, New York

1984.5                      Photo-essay, "People in early morning" Chung-Ang Daily News" New York

1984.1                     "Portrait of Nam Jun Paik" New York Times, NYC

1982.10                    cover picture of "Erica Jong" Monthly 'Sosul Munhak' Seoul, Korea

1980.5                      Photo-essay "On the Street", May, Monthly 'ShinDonga' 



TV Broadcasting

2016                      “Interview about Nam June palk”, MBC, Seoul Korea.

2015                      “Nam June Pack”, KBS panorama.Seoul, Korea

2012                        Documentaly of Amazon, EBS TV, Korea.

2010                       “Korea, Korean” KBS world wide, Seoul Korea.

2007                       "Portrait of Nam June Paik" The British Museum, London. KBS TV Seoul

2007.7                   "Nam June Paik, Special Series"       KBS TV Seoul

2007.5                   "Robert Capa" Seoul, KBS TV,  Seoul

2004                       "The Way to go Museum", KBS TV, Seoul

2002.4                   "Lim young Kuyn Portrait" , SBS T.V., Seoul          

2002.4                   "Asia Photo Biennale" MBC T.V., Seoul

1999.5                   "Millennium Teukgeub" SBS T.V., Seoul

1999.5                   "Suyomunhwa planning" KBS T.V,, Seoul

1998.3                   "Munwha Tamhum", KBS TV, Seoul, Korea

1995.6                   "Munhwa Dapsa giheng" KBS T.V., Seoul

1992.9-11              Photo-essay "Portraits of Artist", Munhwaga Sanchek, KBS T.V., Seoul





2019                        Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea

2018                        Daejeon Museum of Art, Korea

2017                        Arario Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 

-                                Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

2013                        Youngin Art Nuseum, Korea

2012                        National Museum of Korea, Seoul, Korea

2005                        Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

-                                George Easterman House, Kodak Museum. N .Y, US

2004                        Thessalonki Museum of Photography, Greece

2002                         Mayor office, Munster, Germany

-                                 Landesmuseum fur Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Oldenberg, G