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Junyoung Kang

Preference & Captivation: Exquisite Collection of an Art Critic

Youngtaek Park _ Art Critic

Marh 24 - April 28

"To own a collection is to crave and long for it. That desire always slips and is never fulfilled.", says someone. Youngtaek Park(b.1963), an art critic for considerable length of time and also a professor in Kyonggi University, has been favoring and collecting various images and objects that he encounters every day. Especially the antiques of Korean contemporary artists in particular, which retain the many years of the artists' endeavors. It was as if he was indulged in them little by little. This collection of Youngtaek Park shows his very private vision and preference of art and beauty. It is conservative to say that he doesn't come out of his office, which is full of his beloved objects.
This exhibition shows very few of his collection of artworks and antiques. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints, the earthen wares from the age of the Three States, white porcelain and sweet potato pot and also 'ham', a Korean traditional box of wedding gifts sent by a bridegroom to his bride before wedding, a pot from Haeju, a puppet, portraits, paintings of landscape and a wooden pattern maker for rice-cake are all gathered at one place crawling with one another. It is quite amusing, appealing and more than beautiful to see them all together and many of the people will have empathy within the exhibition. Woona Baik, the president of 2GIL29 GALLERY says, "This upcoming exhibition 'Preference & Captivation: Exquisite Collection of an Art Critic' have fascinating images and objects that are without any distinction of space and time. Above all, the collection of the artworks and antiques from a private vision of an art critic (and also limited by his pocket condition) will present an interesting spectacle as well as pleasure to all the audiences who get to secretly peek at this very intimate collection of Youngtaek Park."

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